Generators Keep Businesses Open Through Winter Outages


Winter can be a terrifying time for business owners, especially in New England, where damaging winter storms are commonplace. Harsh weather conditions can cause you costly power outages. Prevent winter outages from ruining your business by investing in a strong standby generator. Not only will you not lose money by being able to stay open, but you’ll be able to service customers when others cannot!


Businesses who own a strong standby generator give you a competitive edge over other businesses that don’t have them. The investment made in a generator can be repaid by just staying open a few extra days a year that you would have otherwise been closed because of power outages. Sometimes, you’ll get business you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten because other businesses closed due to outages. This could lead to new loyal customers.


There are a couple of other return-on-investment factors that purchasing a standby generator can give your business. They are a couple of the same advantages that home generators provide households. During outages, looting is a common problem in many neighborhoods. But looting is also a problem for businesses as well. If you’re still open, you won’t be a target.


Also, businesses with basements could see their sump pumps fail, which could lead to disaster after the snow melts! With a generator, you can keep your sump pump running. This will prevent you from paying basement repair costs after sump pump failure. Clean up costs can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Also, during winter outages, pipes can freeze and possibly burst. This is another expensive repair that you can avoid.


Also, if your business relies on refrigeration or other climate control for some or all of its goods, a standby generator is a necessity. A power outage could lead to a great deal of spoiled product. This means you not only lose business, but also have to replace lost inventory, as well. This could prevent you from suffering tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential losses.


Not only does having a standby generator give you a competitive edge over other businesses in your area, but it can save you many thousands of dollars over its lifetime. It’s a fact that generators keep businesses open, gain you new potential customers, and save you in potential repair and replacement costs.