Choosing the Right Backup Generator for Your Small Business

Backup generators are great tools that can keep your small business open during a power outage when others are not. These can not only save you from potentially lost revenue, but can create new sales through being open when your competitors are not. So how do you know how to choose which backup generator is right for your small business? Depending on your industry, your business will want a certain kind of backup generator to meet your needs. Some industries require a minimum for backup power systems, but others only need it for the occasional power outages.


There are so many different options when it comes to standby power systems for businesses. In particular, there are 4 different fuel types. The most common fuel type for backup generators is diesel, but there are also generators run on natural gas. There’s also a “bi-fuel”  option which starts on diesel, but runs mostly on natural gas. The benefit of bi-fuel generators is that they are EPA-compliant straight out of the factory.


Diesel generators can provide a lot of power and are used in generators for hospitals and emergency call centers. They are also used in areas where natural gas isn’t readily available. When it is available, however, natural gas is great for long running time and cost-effectiveness, making them good for small businesses that don’t necessarily require them for code reasons, and have the infrastructure already in place to support them. They are also clean burning.


You may have seen liquid propane is also an option for backup generators. Typically, liquid propane generators are best used in the home. However, there are some small businesses who may be able to use them. If high-power appliances aren’t going to be running from it, and propane is already available for your business, they may be an option. You’ll want to speak with a backup generator sales specialist to discuss if LP generators would work for your business.


Once you’ve decided on which fuel type will be most effective for your small business’s needs, you should decide just how much power you need. There’s such a wide range of standby generator models available on the market. However, you really want a generator that will reliably run the bare essentials of your business, such as lights, POS systems, and any appliances necessary for your business to properly function. You’ll want to speak to your local backup generator dealer and browse their various options to find the best fit for your business.


Whatever option you choose, you want to select a backup generator that gives you just the power you need in a pinch. There’s a such thing as too much of a generator, so you want to decide on the most cost-effective solution for your small business. By having the right backup generator installed in your business, you can stay open when your competitors aren’t. The best choice is a generator that will let you make back your return on investment after just one or two power outages. Then, you can enjoy free power whenever you need it for as long as your generator lasts.